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In current times, image production more and more develops to be an artificial process of manipulation and post-production. It is coined by the aspiration to produce something that could be described as the longing for hyper-perfection. “As a result the glossy and highly processed images often make their object unrecognizable as it loses its familiar context.” - Sophie König

With the work EIDOS, Tobias Faisst captures the complex interrelationships between human, technology and nature, while continuing to challenge and blur the lines between them. Through a lens of said hyper-perfection, operating at the interface between photography and computer-generated image, his photographs ultimately call into question the production and perception of reality. As Sophie König points out: “The existence of rendered pictures, and our knowledge of their possibility, ultimately makes us doubt reality itself. To the point, where we are unable to distinguish whether we are looking at a photograph or an image created by a computer.”

By choosing to present EIDOS as a book and digital experience on www.eidos.digital, the work’s main topic is mirrored in its outlets.

96 p. / digital-print
Measurements: 19,5 x 29 cm
Concept, Photography and Layout: Tobias Faisst
Essay: Sophie König
Zurich 2017
ISBN: 978-3-9524840-0-5

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